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Emma Birdsall - Singer-Songwriter

Emma is a gifted Australian singer-songwriter .

She was a participant in the first season of the The VOICE and placed in the top 16. Her debut single, titled "Lovers & Friends", was released in August 2013.

The single is only the beginning of Emma’s connection with music. As a three year old, she would sit on her grandfather’s knee listening to classical music. Her mother loved R&B, jazz and gospel, and their home would be filled with glorious music. “Happiness was attached to music,” Emma explains. “Just listening to it, not performing or singing. I just wanted to hear it because it took me away to another place.”

Emma says her strength comes from her family. “Resilience is probably one of my biggest strengths. I’ve gone through a little whirlwind of personal things and it really helped me develop that skill of getting me back up on my feet. Riding through the storms and trying to stay focused.”

Emma will release her debut album in 2016 with Universal Records.

She also features on the soundtrack of Channel Nine’s top-rating drama “Love Child “ and features in roles in both seasons of the show.

Beyond her love of music and film, Emma loves to use her gifts to help others. She has worked on projects with Compassion, The Sebastian Foundation, Reach, The OCRF (and more) and is an ambassador for food rescue organisation OzHarvest and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

In her down time she seeks respite in the kitchen, finding time to share wellness tips, inspiration and wholesome recipes on her Instagram/blog ‘My Whole Life'. She has just begun a degree in Nutritional Medicine and hopes to turn this side project into a published book in the coming years, specifically for people battling with chronic illness and autoimmune diseases.


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