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SYDNEY EVENT Wednesday 13th June 2018 at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour

Stand Tall Event - Inspiring high school students to stand tall and make positive choices

Stand Tall - The Event inspires high school students to stand tall and make positive choices. You're invited to join us for our one- day event featuring inspirational speakers who powerfully address many of the critical issues confronting today's high school students.

What: An inspiring day event with 2000+ students from around NSW / ACT - supporting students to embrace their future through empowering messages, speakers & musicians.

When: Wednesday 13th June 2018 from 9.45am - 2pm

Who: Yr 8 - 12

Where: Darling Harbour Theatre, International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour Sydney

Cost: $25 (including GST) per student with subsidies available based on student needs. Including free water, snacks, fruit and ice-cream during lunch break.

3 key things students will leave the day with:

1. Self belief and hope that they can enjoy a successful future.
2. The power of resilience and how not to let the past dictate the future.
3. How to take a stand against bullying and other dangerous behaviours and become leaders.
Enjoy is an understatement!!!! I had an incredible day.
I enjoyed it because I was inspired by hearing people speak.
I was encouraged to be the change I want to see in the world.
I would come back next year because it changed my life.
Stand Tall encouraged and inspired me. Girl, 15
There is drug and alcohol abuse in my family. Stand Tall helped me
to realise that I don’t need to be like my family. Boy, 14
The impact that The Stand Tall Event has had on our school is amazing ! The students expressed that the speakers gave them hope and some of them also stated that they were on the verge of giving up but hearing particular speakers gave them the courage to keep going in similar situations. Teacher, NSW High School
Before I went to Stand Tall I had given up on my dream to be a champion Basketball player because I had some setbacks, but Stand Tall made me realise I really wanted to pursue my dream and now I am playing rep level basket ball and I am so happy and it’s all because of Stand Tall. Girl, 14
Inspiring high school students to stand tall and make positive choices
STAND TALL - THE EVENT Brings together leading youth communicators with star musicians, sportsmen and other popular young successful role models from Gen Z pop culture , who will impart hope, courage to make right choices and great wisdom learned from their own life experiences.

Each will bring inspiring, personally proven strategies for making positive life choices to live happy and successful lives. They will equip students to Stand Tall against the negative pressures that they can face on a daily basis.

Roger Davis - Principal, Westfields Sports High School
On why he recommends taking students to Stand Tall and the positive influence Stand Tall is making in his school

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Meet Stand Tall Ambassador, Derek Rabelo. Blind surfer from Brazil. Photographed here surfing 20ft wave in Waimea with former world champion Tom Carroll.

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Stand Tall - The Event is a charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status, Item 1.
All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

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Your chance to win a $61,000 Lexus and Help Stand Tall raise funds to bring disadvantaged students to the 2018 event,
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was incredible!
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