Jordan O’Reilly

Jordan O'Reilly

Jordan O’Reilly has a BA in Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) from the University of Sydney and has won numerous awards for his innovative work in the disability sector in the past four years, including the Foundation for Young Australians Changemaker of the Year Award 2014, a Myer Foundation Innovation Fellowship 2015, Sydney University’s Young Alumni Achievement Award 2015 and NSW State Finalist Young Australian of the Year Award 2015/16.

In 2011, Jordan and his sister, Laura, launched the not-¬for-¬profit organisation Fighting Chance Australia, which is now a multi¬-million-¬dollar organisation supporting young adults with significant disability in Sydney to engage in employment, training and social participation. In 2015, Jordan launched Hireup, an online platform that gives Australians with disability the power to find and hire their own support workers, thereby creating genuine choice and control and saving individuals thousands of dollars in their individualised funding packages. Hireup is now a national organisation with thousands of registered users that is growing quickly and in lock-step with the NDIS.

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