“Today I learned about being courageous, even if my life is falling apart. I need to stand tall and never give up. I also learned about amazing heroes' lives and how they fought through the tough times of their lives. Stand Tall helped me through my tough times."

“ It helped me realise there is not a reason to be afraid, it only gets you closer to where you want to be.” Year 10 student

“ I need to set my dream into motion, knowing that there are going to be setbacks. I have a faith and positive expectation for my future. "

"I learnt that I should shoot for the moon in my goals. there are many obstacles in life, but we can overcome them. Perspective is a powerful thing.” Year 10, girl. 

"I had issues with self confidence, but Stand Tall has helped me to keep trying even when in doubt. I've learned that even when things seem hard, they do get better. Always try to turn your weaknesses into strengths." Year 9 student

"I got a lot of inspiration and ideas for my future. I plan to change my work ethic and stop being lazy!." Year 9 boy

"I feel inspired to work towards my goals. I want to get a future job that will benefit society rather than myself." 

"Always be happy, always be kind. I want to try make someone smile everyday." Year 9 Boy

"Stand Tall has helped me to prepare for the issues in my life, where to go and what to do when they come."

"I learnt to not give up on myself and not to let negativity take over!" Year 10 student

"Today really reinforced the idea of making the most out of life. Some things have happened recently that have got me in a ruck, but today made it clear that theres hope and you will make it out alive! It taught me to have dreams and goals, and to never give up. I have had some challenges with my thoughts, so now I'm looking at making positive changes in my life." Year 9 Girl

"Thanks for the great opportunity to be there at the annual #standtallevent2018 "




"The sports stars hit our kids really well and then michael and the ex druglord hit some of the other students who come from very difficult living situations. I thought it was really good, definitely will be booking in for next year. I was on an emotional roller coaster all day!"

"Its a great opportunity for the students to hear some inspiring stories and learn from some great role models. I have had simple conversations {with students that attended in past years} about how these messages have stuck with them as they have moved through their schooling. It's a fantastic program."

"This is our third year. There are absolutely inspirational speakers in a really engaging environment. The kids learnt that you can choose your future. You can be knocked down, but you have to get back up. It really gives them perspective on their lives."



"I don't know what you said, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My 16-yr-old niece has recently moved in with me, estranged from her father and having lost her mother to side a few years ago. She is resilient and she is mature but she has been traumatised and has been suffering. All she has spoken about this afternoon is you and your story and how inspired she is and it makes me so grateful that people like yourself are able to share their success despite hardship and trauma. I know she took home a powerful message. with Sincere thanks, a humble Aunty.” - Regarding Michael Crossland talk.

"Still on such a high after attending the Stand Tall event yesterday. Incredible energy in a room of 2,000+ high schoolers including our own 16 year old ambassador. We were inspired to dream big, be resilient, keep dusting ourselves off and get back up again no matter how many times we were knocked down. Powerful messages that are so aligned with mine." 


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