Chloe Howard

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Chloe was born with a severe foot deformity.  She has had numerous operations and faced daunting challenges but has always met each hurdle with emotional strength and grace.  

In 2014, Chloe was a victim of assault and bullying at her private high school. Six months later, she had the courage to begin telling her story. She met Bono who spoke powerful words about fighting injustice.  This became a turning point for Chloe and would mark a recovery story that builds in strength with each re-telling. Chloe has written two recent books which have just premiered across the US and Australia, and she began her international speaking career at 16 years of age as the opening Keynote speaker, sharing her inspirational story, at the Santa Barbara TEDX event in 2016. 

Chloe is now the voice of, an anti-bullying movement that inspires people all over the world to accept the differences in self and others. 

Follow her movement @istandbeautiful

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