We ask you to please complete the below form before the 13th May, to ensure we have all the correct details for your visit on the 12th June, 2019.

Head Teacher for the day *
Head Teacher for the day
I confirm that an appropriate level of staff will be arranged to supervise students *
I acknowledge that at the event there will photographers and film crews recording the event and that these images may be used for future public relations and to promote future events. I acknowledge that it is the schools responsibility to advise Stand Tall if there are any students or teachers who do not give consent . *
Stand Tall has reserved a media free zone in the theatre for students / teachers who do not give consent. If there are any changes to the amount of students or teachers who need to be seated in the media free zone, please advise us at events@standtallevent.com It is also the responsibility of the school and their appointed teachers to identify to the Stand Tall Team and ICC staff, on the day of the event, who the students/teachers whom media consent has not been provided, to ensure they may be appropriately seated on the day. 
Do you know of any students or teachers who will need seating in the media free zone? *
We ask that schools arrive from 8am so all students can be seated in time for the start of the event to avoid any disruptions. Do you anticipate any issues with arriving prior to 9am? *
We may factor this into the seating plans to minimise disruption to all our other school groups, so we need to know this as soon as possible. Please email us with any concerns you have at events@standtallevent.com
We are requesting schools to stay in the auditorium until the event concludes at 2pm. We will be in touch with you with regard to your transport logistics.