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Michael Crossland

“Michael Crossland is an extraordinary young man who has defied the odds of a life threatening cancer to build a life of exceptional achievements. An accomplished businessman and an elite sportsman, his life is a remarkable success.”

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Emma Carey

“Em Carey was an ordinary girl trying to experience life to her fullest when she became part of a horrific freak accident which left her completely paralysed from the waist down. Her inspiring story not only demonstrates overcoming adversity, but shows a journey of being thankful and valuing the life you have, not being intimidated or ashamed of your body and who you are, accepting every person for who they are and showing you how to fight for your dreams.”

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Jeanine Treharne2019, 2020
Tony Hoang

“The remarkable story of Tony Hoang is the subject of a powerful and confronting 2012 SBS documentary “Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta”.

The young Tony, son of Vietnamese refugees, grew up in poverty in the then drug capital of Australia, Cabramatta. Like many refugees from the Vietnam War, Tony’s parents’ hopes of a safe new home for their families were crushed by the heroin culture that overtook the lives of their children.”

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Jeanine Treharne2020